Feedinator 2000 Case Feeder

The Feedinator 2000 is an automated jam-resistant case feeder compatible with Dillon products, and integrates with our Sorting Machines.

If your desired caliber is not shown, let us know and we’ll make a kit for your caliber. If you need to run more than one caliber, please check out our Feedinator Caliber Kits!


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Feedinator 2000 Case Feeder

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Feedinator 2000

Need a large case feeder that doesn’t need babysat while reloading? Meet the Feedinator 2000 — a larger version of the Feedinator 1000. This case feeder was designed with convenience in mind. Like its sister product, it is smart enough to effectively unjam itself. If it encounters a jam, it reverses to self-clear the issue. Should the problem persist, it will promptly alert you with a message.

The Feedinator 2000 was created with compatibility for the Dillon layout, delivering exceptional performance and unbeatable convenience. Equipped with a smart microcontroller, it takes charge of plate behavior, ensuring efficient un-jamming and automatically turning itself off when the hopper is empty. Here are some of its features:

Intelligent Plate Speed Control: The Feedinator’s smart plate speed control dynamically matches the rotational speed of the hopper plate to your consuming machine, ensuring smooth and optimized feeding for an enhanced reloading experience.

Advanced Jam Detection and Clearing: With smart monitoring capabilities, the Feedinator detects jams with precision and promptly reverses direction to clear any obstructions, saving you time and frustration during the reloading process.

Efficient Hopper Empty Detection: Equipped with sensors in the hopper, the Feedinator accurately detects when the case feeder is empty, automatically powering off the plate to prevent any unnecessary operations and conserve energy.

Seamless USB Connectivity: Enjoy convenient USB connectivity to the Sortinator, allowing easy messaging to pause case sorting operations, providing you with enhanced control over your reloading setup.

  • Intelligent Hopper Refill Alerts: Utilizing USB connectivity to your laptop, the Feedinator can trigger alarms or send messages to inform you when the hopper needs to be refilled, ensuring you stay informed and keep your reloading process smooth.
  • Easy Plate Replacement: The Feedinator features additional finger holes that make plate replacement quick and hassle-free, reducing downtime and ensuring continuous reloading efficiency.
  • Flexible Control Options: Take charge of the Feedinator directly from your laptop using the Sortinator software for advanced control, or utilize the simple toggle switch to indicate when you’ve refilled the hopper, providing you with multiple control options that suit your preference.
  • Bluetooth Control and Smartphone App (Coming Soon): Stay tuned for even more convenience as Bluetooth control and a dedicated smartphone app are on their way, allowing you to manage the Feedinator with ease and simplicity from your mobile device.

Impressive Speed Performance (RPS – Rounds Per Second):

  • .223: Average of 1.59 RPS over a full hopper
  • 9mm: Average of 2 RPS.
  • .45ACP: Average of 2.45 RPS.

Approximate weight in brass it can hold

  • Holds 20 lbs of 9mm brass
  • 5/8 ID or 3/4ID boss for connection to downstream machine

What’s Included:

  • Feedinator
  • One caliber kit with black Acetal plate.  Acrylic is available but not recommended.
  • Indexing mount for 1-inch square or round tube
  • 24-volt power supply
  • Larger motor and gearbox
  • 18-inch spring tube

For a demonstration of maximum case feed, check out the video.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 12 in
pack drive accessories


pack drop tube


Feeder Calibers

.40 S&W, 223, 30-06, 300 AAC Blackout, 308, 357, 380, 38spl, 44mag, 45acp, 6.5×55, 9.3×62, 9mm, 9mm shell shock, FN 5.7×28