Quantitator 1000

The Quantitator 1000 is a Sorting Machine that sorts brass, projectiles, or ammunition by weight, up to 0.1 grains of accuracy.

Every Quantitator is customized to the end-users needs. This gives you the best performance as soon as you receive your new machine!

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Quantitator 1000


The Quantitator 1000 is an innovative machine based on the Sortinator 1100 that sorts by weight! This device is capable of automatically sorting projectiles, casings, and live ammunition by the weight.

The Quantitator 1000 uses industrial pneumatic and servostepper actuators to power its movement and is capable of sorting by weight at up to 7,200pph (parts per hour). It’s capable of sorting accurately to within 0.1 grain (1 standard deviation).

This is the Quantitator 1000, a groundbreaking machine born from the lineage of the Sortinator 1100, now reimagined for precision weight-based sorting. This machine automates the sorting of projectiles, casings, and live ammunition with meticulous accuracy, based on their individual weight profiles.

The Quantitator 1000 harnesses the power of industrial pneumatic and servostepper actuators to orchestrate its movements. It can achieve speeds up to 7,200 parts per hour (pph) without compromising precision. Precision can be sacrificed to increase speed.

The Quantitator1000 is fed by a Feedinator or Dillon case feeder.

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  • 0.1 grains, 1 SD repeatability minimum
  • 7200 rounds per hour maximum
  • High precision load cell featuring

< .03% hysteresis

< .05% non-repeatability

< .05% creep

< .05% non-linearity

< .03% temperature effect on zero and span

Load limits:

80 grams (1234 grains) standard, 0.1 grains repeatability

30 grams (462 grains) 0.04 grains repeatability

10 grams (154 grains) 0.01 grains repeatability

  • Unlimited number of buckets/bins
  • Supported calibers


  • Projectiles 0.5″ length minimum, 0.25″ diameter minimum
  • Live ammo 2.25″ length maximum, 0.5″ diameter maximum

For others call with specifications


  • Quantitator unit
  • Laptop controller
  • Mounting mast
  • Rolling dolly
  • Software
  • One year warranty parts
  • Free software upgrades




Additional information

Weight 61 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 18 in