Sortinator 1100

Brass sorting machine that sorts brass by up to 6,000 brass cases per hour by brand.

Key Notes about the Sortinator 1100:

  1. It is the easiest to configure actuator settings when changing calibers
  2. It’s the best brass sorting machine for small business that require low downtime and faster production


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Laptop Upgrade

Included laptop is refurbished running Linux with sorter software installed.

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Sortinator 1100

The Sortinator 1100 is the industrialized version of our Sortinator 1000, offering all the same features, with improved speed & reliability.  Generally, the Sortinator 1100 is 50% faster than the Sortinator 1000.

On average, the Sortinator 1100 identifies and sorts one case every second, saving you an enormous amount of time and effort. Whether it’s clean or dirty brass, pistol or revolver casings, large or small primers, deprimed or not, any caliber ranging from 9mm to .308 in length, or casings up to .5” in diameter, the Sortinator handles it all with ease. 

The Sortinator comes pre-calibrated for major brands, but the magic doesn’t end there! If you have specific criteria for sorting, you can easily train the Sortinator to recognize any unique markings you desire. The process is simple: just place the Sortinator in learning mode and use the supplied software interface to identify your preferred markings. As you sort brass, the Sortinator learns from you, continuously improving its accuracy. And if it encounters a head stamp it doesn’t recognize, it pauses for your input, ensuring precision every step of the way.

Upgrades include (compared to S1000):

  • Pneumatic Linear Actuators
  • Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
  • NEMA23 Stepper Servo and Controller for Speed: Allows for 330 degrees of rotation to accommodate more buckets
  • Improved camera and CS lens module
  • Redesigned Backplane


    • Precise Image Recognition: Our advanced image recognition software accurately identifies the brass headstamp and efficiently drops each casing into the appropriate bucket, streamlining your brass sorting process.
    • Highly Accurate Primer Recognition: With an outstanding accuracy rate of over 98%, the Sortinator excels in recognizing both large and small primers, ensuring flawless sorting.
    • Efficient Mixed Brand Sorting: The Sortinator seamlessly sorts mixed brand brass casings into as many buckets as will fit under the sorter, providing you with a tidy and organized collection.
    • Customized Software for Major Calibers: The software efficiently sorts major calibers by their headstamp, including:
      .380ACP, 9mm, .38SPL, .357 Magnum, .40 S&W, .45ACP, 22-250, .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 6.5mm Grendel, 6.8mm REM SPC
      For other calibers not listed here, please contact us.
    • Versatile Training Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of supervised and unsupervised training modes, enabling you to classify arbitrary markings such as dates and pressure indicators, enhancing the precision of your sorting.
    • Peace of Mind: We stand by the quality of our product, offering a one-year warranty on parts, ensuring you have complete peace of mind while using the Sortinator.
    • Stay Up to Date: With free software upgrades, you can keep your Sortinator equipped with the latest advancements, ensuring you stay at the forefront of brass sorting technology.

Upgrade to Sortinator 1150: Full credit core charge against your Sortinator 1100 to upgrade to the Sortinator 1150


An overview of the Sortinator.

See how well the Sortinator performs after its been trained.

Watch this for a deeper dive into all of the software features.

Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 18 in

Large Rifle, Pistol, Small Rifle


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